is a small Dutch company aiming to improve neurovascular monitoring by introducing innovative techniques to the Intensive Care Unit. Central in the Neuromon approach is the theory of arterial acceleration forwarded by dr. A. Schaafsma in 2014. This theory proposes that the pressure wave from the heart is supported by a brief contraction of smooth muscle cells along the arterial tree.

Such a well-timed contraction would augment and distribute the pressure wave from the heart allowing it to penetrate even into the most remote capillary systems within the body. Since it is only short-lasting and at stroke onset it does not interfere with the ejection phase of the heart.

The theory of arterial acceleration is an alternative to the theory of arterial stiffness that was formulated in the 19th century. It elaborates on the work by Harvey (1628) who was the first to realize that the heart is the driving force behind blood circulation. Are you curious how the theory of arterial acceleration fits in the scientific quest for better understanding arterial blood pressure? Then follow this link.

The theory of arterial acceleration has motivated the development of a model for cardiovascular simulation that can be downloaded from this website. It has also led to a new approach for signal parameterisation implemented in Compumedics DWL QL software for TCD machines. These parameters can be transformed to so-called Z-scores in order to correct for the normally occurring decrease of blood flow velocities with ageing.

Combining the Z-scores for 4 different parameters enables doctors to interpet the TCD signal in complex clinical situations. 

In 2022 Neuromon launched a new CardioVascularSimulation program, now available for MacOS on the AppStore.


  • IAG

    In 2007 Neuromon BV was supported by a grant from the Innovative Action Programme Groningen and the EU.

  • Eureka label

    For it's innovative work and collaboration with international partners Neuromon B.V. received the Eureka! label from the EU


  • Collaboration

    To the benefit of patients on the Intensive Care Neuromon B.V. has joined forces with Compumedics DWL.

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