These webpages have been created to guide users through all features of Neuromon's CardioVascular Simulation. The main aim of the model is to integrate physiological knowledge about cardiovascular function into a single computer entity. The model does not claim to fully mimic reality. Nevertheless, it allows the user to study possible interactions of patho-physiological changes and therapeutical interventions creating a higher level of understanding. New insights based on the model are, of course, hypothetical and require validation in real patient studies.

1. Basic Components

2. Heart is volume pump

3. Calculating volume distribution over time

4. Implementing the Theory of Arterial Acceleration

5. Cardiac arrhythmia

6. Calculating CO2 concentrations or pressures

7. Metabolic response and auto regulation

8. Venous capacitance and cardiac output

9. Implementing the CNS Ischemic Response

10. Implementing the Bainbridge Response

11. Implementing the Baroceptor Reflex

12. Arterial Resistance and Capacitance

13. Changes in arterial biomechanics with aging

14. Menu options

15. Scenario options

16. Therapy options

17. Settings and defaults

18. Epilogue

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