• Neuromon B.V. is a small Dutch company aiming to promote the use of Transcranial Doppler for neuromuscular monitoring, for instance, on the intensive care.
  • The company is based upon three pillars: a new hypothesis on cardiovascular function, a computer model simulating this hypothesis and an international patent on the Pulsatile apparent Resistance: a numerical index relating blood flow velocity measurements with arterial blood pressure.
  • Based upon a new hypothesis on cardiovascular function Neuromon B.V. has developed software for an improved analysis of the Transcranial Doppler signal: discriminating two systolic peaks. This analysis is in line with the theory of arterial acceleration.
  • In order to bring Neuromon's innovations available to the market, the company has joined forces with Compumedics DWL, an important manufacturer of Transcranial Doppler equipment based in Germany.

Neuromon B.V. aims

  • to improve medical treatment of severely ill patients
  • by providing educational and diagnostic support to medical doctors throughout the world
  • based upon a better understanding of cardiovascular physiology
  • by incorporating the Theory of Arterial Acceleration


Recently, a video was released discussing how the theory of arterial acceleration is part of the ongoing scientific quest for a better understanding of cardiovascular physiology. This quest started with Galen in the 2nd century, is greatly furthered by Harvey in the 17th century as well as by various investigators at the end of the 19th century. The theory of arterial acceleration adds to conceptual thinking about the role of the arterial system in cardiovascular physiology. It challenges a too simplistic view on arterial blood pressure.





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