During the first half of 2023 Neuromon has released new updates for its CardioVascularSimulation model: version 1.2 in January, followed by versions 1.3 in March, 1.4 in April 2023, 1.5 in May, 1.6 in July and 1.7 released January 2024. The latest model now available on the AppStore for MacOS is version 1.8.

Apart from the well known model of hemodynamics, the latest releases features a Patient Condition window and a Patient Monitor window. Also, the tilt table test is introduced, demonstrating the effect of hydrostatic pressure on blood distribution within the body. After assuming an upright posture and without cardiovascular reflexes active the blood supply to the brain rapidly becomes inadequate and the patient may lose consciousness. Repeating the manoeuvre with cardiovascular reflexes active prevents this unwanted effect. For educational purposes the effect of cardiac arrest is added to the more than 16 other scenario's, such as carotid occlusion, intracranial pressure elevation, respiratory failure etc.

For an extensive documentation about the way the model works, what assumptions were made and which theories implemented, please consult: CardioVascularSimulation Documentation

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