Neuromon has prepared 6 presentations of 8 to 13 minutes explaining the theoretical background behind the model for cardiovascular simulation. This model was originally developed in Labview™ in collaboration with Annika de Goede from the TUTwente. It was subsequently translated to C# by Neuromon. After registration, the model can be downloaded from the web page.

The model of cardiovascular simulation should be seen as an illustration of theoretical concepts in cardiovascular physiology. It includes the CNS ischemic response, the theory of arterial acceleration and cardiovascular reflexes such as auto regulation, the baroceptosr reflex the chemoreceptor reflex and the Bainbridge reflex.

Incorporating different physiological responses into a single computer simulation helps to understand the complex interplay of all these responses combined. A computer simulation should be seen as an illustration of the theory. It is based upon simple mathematical rules that joined together become a system of high complexity. A model as this, however, can never live up to the complexity of cardiovascular physiology in real life.

The 6 presentations can be found on the web page for theoretical background.

Alternatively, a link to the first presentation can be found below.