The theory of arterial acceleration is a fundamentally new view on how the cardiovascular system promotes oxygen enriched blood to reach all the bodies capillary systems. It also provides a new perspective on pulsatile signals such as the arterial blood pressure, measured invasively or non-invasively, and blood flow (velocities) in the brain or elsewhere in the body. The theory of arterial acceleration proposes that systole consists of two phases, the first being the result of a short-lasting stiffening of the smooth muscle layers in the arterial tree, the second being the result of stroke volume being ejected into the aorta and large capacitance arteries.

Neuromon BV strives to popularise the theory of arterial acceleration since it is expected that this novel approach to signal interpretation will katalyse new insights in cardio-vascular (patho-)physiology and, thus, therapy. More knowledge of the theory of arterial acceleration seems most relevant for ICU-specialists since they carry the daily responsibility for severely ill patients on the ICU. 

Apart from educational video's to be found on the internet Neuromon also offers an interactive education course via videoconferencing. This course consists of 6 modules:

1. introduction to the course; introduction to transcranial Doppler

2. introduction to the measurement of arterial blood pressure; the CNS ischemic response

3. current theories on wave form characteristics; theory of arterial acceleration

4. TCD monitoring; effect of ageing on pulsatile signals

5. baroceptor and chemoceptor reflex; model for cardiovascular simulation

6. clinical cases such as carotid stenosis and sepsis; history of conceptual thinking about arterial blood pressure

The modules have a duration of approximately 30 min. each and will be presented online on a weekly basis. Each module will end with approximately 15 minutes of discussion. The subscription for the full course amounts Euro 200. After actively participating in all six modules, you will receive a formal certificate testifying your participation.

The minimum number of participants is 6. When you are interested please let us know by mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As soon as sufficient participants have subscribed we will come back to you with further details.