Neuromon B.V. is licensed for the implementation of the so-called PaR-technology.

PaR-technology is a new way to express cerebral autoregulatory state by calculating a combined index based upon the continuous registration of arterial blood pressure, as the driving force, and middle cerebral artery flow velocity, as resultant.

The so-called pulsatile apparent resistance is negative when cerebral autoregulation is exhausted. Varies between 0 and 0.6 in the normal situation and increases over 0.6 in intracranial hypertension.

In the EU, PaR-technology was filed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, France and Germany.

Outside the EU PaR-technology was filed in the EU, USA, Canada and Australia (WO2005102158A1).


EU: EP1755444A1

NL: P68461NLEP10

BE: P68461BEEP10

DE: 60 2005 056 940.5

GB: EP1755444

FR: EP1755444

USA: US2007293760A1

CA: CA2564059A1

AU: AU2005235162A1